10 Best Juice Recipe Websites

Juicing is a healthy alternative to eating your fruits and vegetables, as you can take your juice or smoothie wherever you go, if you run a busy schedule. It also affordable and easy to do at home, instead of shelling out money for expensive juices and smoothies from stores and health bars.

Here are a few of the best websites to find juice recipes.


JuiceRecipes is a website dedicated to the art of juicing and keeping healthy. Whatever your ailment, JuiceRecipes has a juice for it, including arthritis, wanting to shed pounds, acne, asthma, stress, poor memory, or even something as simple as a sore throat. Beside each juice recipe is a bar chart of the ailment it treats, which means you can treat several problems at once. There are also nutritional facts for each recipe, such as the amount of sugar, carbohydrates, fat, and vitamins, the same kind you’d see on professional packaging.


MyJuiceCleanse is run by Carey Kingsbury, and is full of recipes as well as the opportunity to purchase juicing magazines that can be delivered to your door. Not only does she cover juices and smoothies, there are recipes for other things as well, such as banana chia seed pudding. You can also contact her personally if there are any questions you have about juicing.


The Juice Nut has a plethora of recipes that are right for you, if you’re interested in trying to shed excess weight. They also provide you with information on what is the right juicer to use for your needs, whether you’re planning on being a dedicated juice-drinker or you’re only interested in juicing once in a while. They also have several juices for different ailments, such as boosting your immune system to keep away those dreaded colds and infections.


Reboot with Joe is filled with a variety of recipes that go beyond juicing and smoothies. It’s dedicated to furthering a healthy lifestyle. The list of recipes also consist of contributions from community members and visitors of his website, which are updated almost on a weekly, if not daily basis. This gives you plenty of recipes to work with if you’re interested in trying something different than what the website already has.


Juices101 contains a lot of juice recipes, along with helpful videos that show you the juicing process, if this is your first time juicing. They provide helpful tips on the best way to get the most out of the ingredients. An added bonus is they also review several blenders and juicers, so you know which ones to buy.


The Juice Lady specializes on helping you shed weight by drinking the right juices. You can also purchase her books or DVDs if you’re interest on more information.


Shape has always focused on the promotion of living a healthier lifestyle, and what you put into your body is no different. They have several juice recipes for particular ailments, including clearing up complexion and boosting your energy levels.


Zesty Cook is mostly a cooking website, but it does have several juicing recipes that are both healthy and tasty. There is also a book for purchase, with hundreds of more recipes to try, if you want a variety of juices and smoothies.


Blended Recipes is an adorable website with juice recipes bearing adorable names. You can also sign up for newsletters to receive further recipes in your emails, and you can also share these recipes with your friends through common social media, like Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. Each recipe has a helpful video, showing you the proper way to prepare your ingredients for juicing.


Raw Juice Cleanse Recipes contains plenty of juice recipes that are perfect for jump starting your digestive system. There recipes will help cleanse your body of the “bad” while adding the “good”. There are also helpful tips on how to grow your own ingredients, like wheatgrass.

Nothing feels quite like being able to make your own juice from scratch with fresh ingredients that are affordable and delicious. There have always been complaints on the lack of interesting juice recipes for people to try, but all of these websites will make it more difficult for you to even choose a starting recipe!

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